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Burzin Engineer-Chief Information Officer DoublEtch made us realize what we lacked and how simplistic approaches and slight tweaks can make a great deal of a difference. We also appreciate the hands-on learning which was really interesting and engaging
Jinal Mehta - Head VIP Division It was a wonderful workshop, infact first of its kinds that I have attended or even heard of.
Besides being fun, it was practical and more importantly so much related to our day-to-day business that we could connect with it instantly and derive some wonderful learnings at the end of it.
I am more of a talker than writer but in a nut shell, I would like to congratulate you and all those involved in conceptualizing, designing and implementing it effectively.

Kudos to the team !!
Bina Patel-Director Marketing It was the best training I have ever attended in my 20 years of career. The simulation exercise was an eye opener on how difficult it is to be in the shoes of the senior management. My biggest take away from the workshop was the big picture view of my organization and how I could collaborate with the other functions to achieve better results for Reuters.
Harpreet Kaur Singh-General Manager Operations At first I was skeptical that the Finance for Non-Finance course facilitated by DoublEtcH would be just another financial overload filled with jargon. However, the workshop was outstanding. I did not know finance can be so much fun and so interesting. The workshop has driven away my fear of numbers and motivated me to learn more about my company's financials and find ways to contribute to it.
Shoumit Sheth-Technology Lead Never knew learning can be so much fun. This workshop helped me better understand the NSN global strategy and how my role impacts the company's performance. It was a really interesting workshop like none I have attended before. I shall surely recommend this for my team too.
Venkat S.- Senior Manager HR It was fantastic! Being an HR professional I have organized several training programs, but I can safely say this was one of the best I have personally been through. HR is often considered only a cost centre, however the simulation exercise made us realize that there is much more value added to the organization from HR as a function. Also, the workshop helped us network with the other functions and learn what is happening in their departments, which will surely help us build stronger collaboration in the organization. Keep up the good work DoublEtcH!! :)
Ashish Rao- Branch Manager I was completely oblivious to the corporate banking side of our bank. The simulation helped me understand how I should think out of my silo and collaborate better within the bank to truly meet the One Canara Bank dream.


Conventional lecture-based training programs are boring and the learning tends to be forgotten immediately post the workshop. At DoublEtcH we have taken utmost care to design workshops to be fun, engaing and completely hands on where the participants are completely immersed in the workshop and the learning has a higher retention.

All our simulations and game-based workshops are completely customized to our client. Here's what makes our solutions different than the traditional trainings.

Traditional Training
  • Focus on skills and Knowledge
  • Focus on clearly defined actions, behaviors, & measurable results
  • Standardized programs that are “one-size-fits-all”
  • Highly customized programs specifically designed to help your Managers achieve pre-defined business results
  • Lectures & Powerpoint
  • Experiential learning, simulation, and real-life practice
  • Isolated training Event
  • Program is part of an overall results improvement process that includes on-the-job actions
  • Training is not integrated with on-the-job priorities. Participants are passive and “hand-held” through the learning process
  • Participants are responsible for their development and for showing improvement back on the job

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    Identifying market growth, penetration and accelerators for client organization


    Customized simulation-based trainings for higher ROI on training investment


    Management and Strategy Execution Consulting for SMEs.