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Strategy Consulting

We have three basic strategy consulting divisions:
i) Consultation       ii) Advisory       iii) Expansion in India.

i) The consultancy division: Strategy consulting suggests new ways of expansion, better forays, different things you could do and things you could do differently. Operation consultancy checks your service lifecycles, identifies bottlenecks and creates a solution plan on the suggested changes and the estimated impact of the implimentation of those changes. Advisory on entering newer markets or geographies, analysis and tentative projections in those newer markets, approximate budgeting constraints, competitor analysis in those geographies are other tasks we undertake to help you grow.

ii) The Advisory division mainly consults within the compliance and regulatory framework; both within the company's own statutory guidelines as well as externally on the government or industry specific regulatory requirements that need to be adhered to, and how to maximize output, enhance profitability, increase efficiency thereby increasing ROI, while keeping within the law of the land
iii) By expansion, we help foreign companies launch their operations or offices in India both by way of franchisee outlets as well as by mergers and acquisitions of existing Indian entities. It is a well known fact that India as a market is very lucrative, but expanding one's footprint in India is a challenge most companies wish to refrain from. We help you with establishment of an Indian entity (wholely or partly owned by the foreign arm), regulatory compliance, investment advisory, other compliances, government relations, and many more services that you would require to expand in India.

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Products List

  • Business Technology
  • IT Strategy & Organization
  • Enterprize Architecture
  • Corporate Finance
  • Technology Enabled Operations
  • Value Assurance
  • Organization
  • Sustainability
  • Improvement Scope Analysis
  • Strategy Execution


Identifying market growth, penetration and accelerators for client organization


Customized simulation-based trainings for higher ROI on training investment


Management and Strategy Execution Consulting for SMEs.