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Launchpad is the experiential, fun, unique way to make your inductions the most memorable for your employees. We simplify business complexity through simulation-based interventions for your managerial talent.

Your client-facing managers can now step into your client’s shoes, experience real client concerns, appreciate cross-functional decision making and isolate the impact of their decisions with the help of our BizVantage workshop.

HeliXCopter is a crash-course in management for the junior to mid level managers. It fuses multiple rounds of complex realistic business simulation combined with expert facilitation and debrief. In the end, participants emerge with clear concepts, and are better able to contribute to their own or a higher role

Fundamentals of Business Leadership - Ascent

Apply leadership skills to manage simulated team members and navigate challenging, realistic situations. The video-based storylines are interspersed with critical decision points, reinforcing the performance management, people and team development, and delegation skills necessary for effective leadership

Fundamentals of Leadership - Laser

Laser seamlessly combines the soft skills of leadership, people management, and communication, with the hard skills of planning, forecasting, marketing, finance, quality and operations. Participants learn the phases people go through as a result of a major change and what they can do as a leader to help their people with the transition. Through the simulation they practice and develop their change leadership skills -learning from their mistakes and their successes


Your project managers and supply chain managers can now experience the complexities and challenges of running a supply chain with the help of PRISM. It combines a complex, realistic business simulation with debriefing and concept sessions to equip participants with the tools to effectively address real life issues

Know Your Business™

Know Your Business™ is a series of interesting finance simulations. It consists of multiple rounds of knowledge sessions and coaching; immediately accompanied by complex, realistic business simulations to practice what was just learned. In the end, participants emerge with clear finance concepts, and are better able to understand finance statements and metrics


In the offsite, we create a day-that-matters. Participants get a holistic view of business and learn nuances which are otherwise better left unsaid.In the end, participants not just have fun, but take back enough to be able to better contribute to their roles.

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Identifying market growth, penetration and accelerators for client organization


Customized simulation-based trainings for higher ROI on training investment


Management and Strategy Execution Consulting for SMEs.