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A Bit About Us

DoublEtcH Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was founded on the premise that companies need an "advancement journey". Either it's chalked out and implemented internally, in which case there's no room for us; or it's left to the experts to identify gaps or areas of improvement and walk the company through the journey of progress, which is where we come in.
We are dedicated to servicing any organization using the 360 degrees approach to high-impact advancement.

The first step... KNOWING WHAT TO DO:
If your company hasn't started the journey yet, we take up a consulting assignment and identify areas of improvement and define a startegy roadmap. This is pure-play consulting

In REALITY, most companies already do have immaculate strategies, but their main challenge lies in the implementation. We help with the execution, assistance in managing the change, financial management during the change, organizational development by cascading the strategy down the ranks. This is strategy execution consulting.

Why is it needed?

Most improvement challenges are either process related issues or people related issues.
Process related challenges are easy to handle by continued improvement, technology involvement, tweaking the process as you move along towards achieving perfection People related challenges, on the other hand, are far too complex, far too many, and ever evolving. We help companies address these people related challenges in a big way in their advancement journey

How do we do it?

We use the AAA approach.
1. Alignment: A strategy will only be achieved if everyone in the organization is aligned to the company strategy and goals
2. Attitude: After successful alignment with the strategy, every employee needs to have the correct attitude and mindset to traverse the path. Just accepting the strategy and aligning oneself with it without the correct attitude is like knowing you need something but never buying it.
3. Aptitude: We identify, or help the stakeholders identify skill and knowledge gaps that may exist in finally making the company strategy see the light of day. Business acumen, finance acumen, realization of aptitude (knowledge or skill) gaps, misfit analysis, leadership capabilities, people skills and a lot more is covered here.

To learn more about how our AAA approach could benefit your organization, get in touch with one of our experts.



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